DUB stool - Black version

The DUB stool is a small avant-garde object with a great design jewel soul. An original piece, authentic and worked in detail to enjoy its powerful aesthetics and subtle functionality.

The DUB stool is born within the STROBY and KALYDO family, created by Kickie Chudikova for Farell. DUB is a very special stool that is clearly distinguished by its fine silhouette and exquisite finishes. Made with a bent and conical metal base, which generates elegant and linear glitters, and with an oval seat, upholstered in Maharam leather, to culminate a design object thinked for the most passionate people of avant-garde author design.

Ideal to combine with the KALYDO table, the DUB stool creates a casual and elegant atmosphere at the same time, in a fun set of low stools with a strong aesthetic character, ideal for the most contemporary lounge spaces. The combination of the finishes of its base, in black metal or brass, together with the upholstery of its seat, in white or light pink leather, achieve a mixture with an exquisite and authentic taste.

The seat is upholstered in leather and made with triangular geometry pieces that seek to build an oval shape of marked beauty. This handmade elaboration with craftsmanship upholstery gives it a very special touch thanks to its original authentic spirit. The base, made with high technology applied to metal, helps to complete a real jewel of design, worthy of being part of the new icons of avant-garde design furniture.

You have more information about DUB at the following link:

DUB Stool


STROBY counter stool - Black Version

The STROBY stool, along with DUB stool and KALYDO low table make up the perfect family to create those atmospheres that remain in the memory due to their originality and marked character.

Kickie Chudikova’s proposal for our collection marked a before and after in the ideology of the Farell collection. We were waiting for that piece of design that generates a new way to go on the furniture edition in our brand, and so it was with STROBY. An elegant design, avant-garde and with a personality full of strength that we can place in the most modern contemporary spaces and with a special character.

STROBY is made with an original metal base with geometric folds and which is the connector thread coinciding with the whole family that we will present soon. This base made with high technology, assembled by hand and finished with an elegant touch in black chrome, generate this piece those special reflections that do not go unnoticed. The upper part is a unique dome-shaped seat, upholstered with subtle joints made by hand in a triangular shape to avoid creases, and with selected Maharam skin to finish off with exquisiteness a piece of design prepared to stay avant-garde with the passing of the time. The base is polished brass to contrast its three parts individually and with elegance.

The subtlety generated by the STROBY stool in repetition, side by side in a short or long bar, gives it a unique aesthetic value and full of elegance and modernity that culminates in the best contemporary interior design lounge spaces. With the stool STROBY we believe that we have contributed to the world of contemporary design furniture to nourish a little more that special facy glance that generates the well-crafted design, that gives us visual satisfaction and of its use, and that are marked in our memory. It is a pleasure for us to be able to edit good design like this to share with you.

You have more information about STROBY at the following link:

STROBY Counter Stool


MYRA Mirror & ESCAL Side table - Black version

MYRA mirror and ESCAL side table form a set of design objects specially designed to coexist on the frontier of design and art.

The constant work with designer furniture and international designers gives us a very enriching aesthetic sense and that we try to transmit in each edition of furniture for our collection. But when the proposal that we receive we detect from the beginning an artistic level that excels, it generates us a beautiful handicap.

The MYRA mirror and the ESCAL side table, designed by Kickie Chudikova, is a clear example of this type of design, designed especially for the observation and glance of experts in the design culture and for restless minds who want to discover new design pieces, out of the ordinary and monotony of big markets. Kickie proposed these two excellent pieces and it has been a pleasure to prepare them for our collection.

MYRA and ESCAL have a transgressive aesthetic and a strong character that sound more like characteristics of art works than functional decoration objects. Its lines are refined, following with an exceptional naturalness its silhouette, and generate a harmonious visual rhythm that enriches our eyes with an unusual pleasure and full of authenticity. Its use generates a very personal interaction, as if it were a sculpture, where we interact with them in a totally different and original way, and make us feel that satisfaction that only those objects that brim with modern and elegant aesthetics and comply with fine delicacy its functionality.

The dream of any design editor and lover of design icons of all times, is to be able to receive proposals from designers who carry that soul that gives them that potential of icons. And with MYRA and ESCAL, we have that exciting feeling of having in our hands the manufacture of this type of pieces that have been born with a very special dowry. When an object is strongly aesthetic, with marked character, with subtle artisanal details and with its functionality resolved with that unique artistic touch, we do not doubt that it is a potential design icon.

You have more information about MYRA and ESCAL in the following links:

MYRA mirror

ESCAL side table


minimal space

Furniture design, innovation and more innovation.

Design without innovation is not design, and innovation without design is not innovation. For us, editing furniture design starts from the fundamental premise of applying constant innovation, from the designer’s initial proposal, through an analysis based on assessments such as radicalism, degree of innovation, new uses, authenticity, and others. Crucial elements to understand that we are really innovating, and a lot. The degree of innovation resulting from this analysis gives us the opportunity to take for granted the edition of a piece of designer furniture, where innovation must be at the highest level. We can not afford to edit furniture that does not have intrinsic innovation in all its details.

Innovation is part of our lives constantly, and thanks to it, society has advanced to where we are today. Contemporary design is innovative design. Hence, our responsibility is to capture specific design proposals and, from there, to initiate a very elaborate process of evolution of each proposal to bring it to its maximum expression of character and pure innovation. For our team it is essential to mark detailed premisses to innovate in design furniture. After passing this innovation filter, we can consider the edition of that design, since we understand that we are investing in innovation, and then investing with our experience. This is design for us. This is design edition.

Design furniture needs to make a difference by adding a high degree of value in its aesthetic and functional design and, therefore, it also requires reaching the limit of known uses and generating a strong authenticity, to innovate beyond the established, and finally and primordial, that the users of each piece of designer furniture understand this set of values easily and clearly, and that they fully harmonize with its use, with new and impressive sensations that give it extraordinary experiences. Getting to enjoy the use of exceptional furniture is our main objective and to achieve this innovation is and should always be our essential tool.

The handicap is difficult, and every day we struggle to achieve this result, working as a team with designers from all over the world, with expert local suppliers, with new innovative technologies, with conscious and sustainable production, with new innovative finishes and respecting the environment. In short, we constantly seek perfection through innovation, always seeking to achieve a single objective: to transmit pure innovation and character in exclusive contemporary design furniture to its users. Getting it once is not worth it, because getting it constantly makes us part of the innovation, that we are part of the design.


CHARLESTON Rectangular Table - Red Purple Monochrome

CHARLESTON tables are simple and delicate, and play with the most radical minimalism to achieve that elegance that only get the design with character.

We have to admit that our neighbors in Italy have a unique sense of design. Every time we work with Italian designers, as in the case of Alessandro Malerba, there is a natural connection that facilitates the work enormously. From the sketch to the prototype is a journey of innovative and pleasant sensations that will generate an essential security for our design edition.

The two models of CHARLESTON, circular and rectangular, are an elaborate exercise of the aesthetics of the object, carried to that point where the minimalism of its details and its global result in a final finished piece, at that level of elegance and optimal innovation to give for finished a design. There are elegant furniture and minimalist furniture, what it difficult is finding furniture that arrives with strength to these two values ​​and in a subtle and natural way. With CHARLESTON we believe that it has arrived there, and we are proud to be part of another good design that incorporates solid added values ​​and nothing easy replicable.

CHARLESTON plays with a curved tube base to build the lightly base of the table, in its two models, to complete the design with a fine and elegant top, available in monochrome, in the same tone as the legs, or in solid matt wood with open pore. Both finishes maintain the main message of CHARLESTON: pure elegance with minimalism. The pleasant and elegant texture of the lacquered finish, or the solid wood with its natural touch, invite to the caress with the perfect shape of the whole edge and the perfect adaptation to the arms.

We have the sincere feeling that we have edited an object of timeless and contemporary design at the same time, elegant and fresh, and minimalist with artisan details. CHARLESTON joins our collection in a space that was reserved especially for it. Welcome to Farell, CHARLESTON. Welcome to the collection of design objects with character.

You have more information about CHARLESTON in this link:



BOBBIN Couple Side Table - Green Leaf - Palisander

BOBBIN side tables are inspired by the industrial bobbins to which the material element full of life has been added, to counteract the coldness of its industrial use.

We had the need to add side tables to the furniture collection and the NUEVE studio perfectly captured our request. BOBBIN is a set of two side tables, an oval and a circular, with a radically minimalist and cold aesthetic, which has been proposed a finish full of color and vitality to balance that industrial vision.

We have worked deeply on this design of tables so that they can contribute a highly transgressive decorative minimalism and combining it with materials, such as monochromatic painted metal and the finishes of marble, Krion and natural wood, to achieve a harmonious and balanced set in an especially original piece.

BOBBIN has subtle details that can be observed when we play with the materials. With a monochrome treatment of the upper envelope with the rest of its structure, it generates an authentic and colored piece that reinforces its minimalist expression in a very specific way. Also, when we play with marble or natural wood, and apply soft shades to the foot, we obtain serene and very contemporary aesthetic combinations, which make it ideal for the most avant-garde interior design spaces.

Its two versions, oval and circular, also gives us a contribution more than possible aesthetic combinations that make BOBBIN a very dynamic piece with a great capacity to be proposed both in diaphanous and very crowded spaces and in subtle compositions of private lounge spaces and with strong identity. With BOBBIN we can create aesthetic games between the space and the object and with other furniture, such as armchairs and sofas, and it adapts perfectly with all of them thanks to the selected range of finishes and contemporary tones.

The visual strength of BOBBIN, both its silhouette and its finishes offers us exceptional creative possibilities to create spaces with their own personality, with an industrial spirit and with the warmth of soft tones, to generate unique sensations for users. You can expand information regarding this design in the following link:

BOBBIN Side Table


Y chair - FARELL - Ash stained Blue - Polished Chrome legs_axo front down

From London’s effervescent design a chair with pure and transgressive symbolism is born.

The “Y” chair is the daughter of the city of London and is characteristic of its dynamism and an explosive formula: that of a young Italian designer based in the British capital. Dario Costa proposed us a radically contemporary and transgressive design focused on a design object with authentic character. The “Y” chair transcends the common aesthetic of the chairs to play with its tubular structure on another level, forming its seal with the letter Y on its side and generating a minimalist and elegant overall aesthetic.

The seat and back in plywood curved and stained in radically modern shades such as blue klein, is made with sinuous shapes that adapt perfectly to human ergonomics, while maintaining a soft and elegant aesthetic when it joins the chair’s own structure.

Looking to design a chair that is different, innovative and aesthetically adaptable to different contemporary environments is not an easy task, with this type of product as collapsed as that of chairs. “Y” is different, it is transgressive and its innovation falls on its whole, where its forms generate a vision like that of a contemporary design classic. And it is at this point that our editing starts, when we detect those features of iconic potential in a serene, mature and carefree design at the same time.

The “Y” chair is stackable and can be composed in different color combinations, from a monochromatic finish to play with the fine tones of natural wood. We highlight the monochrome black finish, which clearly highlights the vitality of a young design, influenced in the capital of modernity along with a touch of experience of elegance and minimalism that give it a space between the best chairs with its own personality, ideal for the most contemporary interior design spaces.

You can see more details in this link:

Y Chair


BIRD couple chair - Kvadrat Remix2 873 - Black Soft leg - Catalogue 2018

As in the best design icons, the inspiration of the BIRD lounge chair comes from nature, from the simple silhouette of a bird, to become a new icon in design objects.

The BIRD lounge chair is a special piece and that is how we got it from the beginning when Oriol Llahona presented it to us for our collection of designer furniture. Elegance, authenticity and originality in a lounge chair designed to convey with great force an unquestionable personality and that incorporates a piece of these characteristics.

The lounge chairs are the essence of the elegance of all types of seats, since its use is very special and personal, and BIRD fulfilled all these premises to be edited in our brand. Its silhouette inspired by a bird, formed with a spectacular figure back, refined and completely upholstered, and a light foot of central base that gives the final minimalist touch to a design close to art.

BIRD is a design that in its aesthetic whole confers a central and nuclear presence wherever it is and in very different environments, both in private residential spaces and in lounge areas of hotels and corporate offices. Its aesthetic originality, with forms of nature, does not deprive it of an absolute elegance and serenity, and that can be highlighted even more with its combinations of upholstery and painted foot tones.

The level of craftsmanship that comes with the upholstery of a piece as special as BIRD makes it very clear the transmission of values of manual crafts with which we love to work on our collection pieces. A structure in curved plywood and worked with a high level of technique in upholstery to generate a feeling of full coverage that covers the entire seat throughout its front and back structure.

BIRD can be alone marking its strong individual presence, and also in pairs or groups, where we can play among them and propose a dialogue of objects, as if it were a group of birds. BIRD is available in different shades of Kvadrat fabric and natural leather, combined with monochrome tones for the foot, to clearly convey a contemporary and modern aesthetic.

You can know more details in this link:

BIRD Lounge Chair


TURTLE family - Electric Green2 - Catalogue FARELL 2018

A design inspired by the shell of a turtle that invites a different use of the stool.

Designing a stool that can be ideal both for interiors and exteriors entails looking for a different concept in the use of sitting on it and limiting materials. This principle is what we started the collaboration with the designer Pablo Torrent to create a different and innovative stool.

From the tubular material that can nowadays be treated with the same finishes both for interior and exterior, we started the journey to look for a dynamic aesthetic that will lead us to an ideal piece of design for both environments. The set of curved tubular metal, which follows the rounded silhouette like the shell of a turtle, creates the characteristic structure of the stool and bench TURTLE, and which is topped with the innovative flat and thin metal that creates the seat and maintains that aesthetic metal with a special and minimalist organic air.

Pablo’s proposal fitted us from the beginning. TURTLE is light and adaptable to a host of contemporary environments, and its monochromatic tones generate an ideal tool to finish harmonizing in any dynamic and carefree interior design project. We love to play with pastel colors and when we tried the freshest tones today it was clear to us that it is an object that can be both fun, transgressive and elegant, depending on what finish you decide to complete it.

TURTLE helps us to start a new line of objects that play between indoor and outdoor spaces, with that dynamism of outdoor furniture that suggests entering the interior, and that with this concept we can open infinite possibilities of uses and environments, with all the versatility of contemporary design furniture.

You can consult more details of TURTLE in the link:



TAU table 2800x90 (Black top - Green Pasty structure) front

When you join the concept of architecture and minimalism to the scale of furniture.

The TAU table is minimalism in essence, based on an architectural vision of design. Inspired by the metallic structures of steel beams of contemporary minimalist architecture, TAU is the logical arrival of this concept on the scale of furniture. Thin, linear and thin legs, and equal crossbars but in different sizes, which extend to limits of distance only possible in metal, giving it a minimalist and unique aesthetic value. The distances in thin measurements take more thinness to the point that you see more what is not the object than the object itself. This concept of space and object game is what we have worked to obtain a piece of clean and purely minimalist design.

The final touch of its top in textured paint finish and with a pleasant chamfer for the use of the table, makes us think we have reached an unexplored point, where the material simplicity meets the aesthetic purity of the most authentic minimalism. TAU provides its broadest sense when the table is longer and proportional space occupies less visually. Designed as a dining table or as a work table or office, TAU is there, wherever it is, silent and light, structural and minimalist in its purest form. You will find more details in this link:

TAU Table


HI chair - Warm red - Coda2 116

Good design does not come from nothing. It comes from being inspired by the masters of design history.

When we set out to design, with our internal team, a chair that was the evolution of some design icon, we were clear about it: the HI chair proposal fulfilled it. A chair with a fun and elegant silhouette at the same time, and that his presence invited to feel a sense of informality and friendly to the eye. Its seat, with a wavy cut and different from the straightness of the boring chairs that we found anywhere, was combined with tube legs that project sinuously from the seat, to complete an object full of personality.

We will not hide that it has similarities to a great known icon, but we believe that trying to improve and evolve an icon of design is a humble exercise to work the experience from a point where other designers arrived. HI exemplifies this exercise. We have tried to soften the silhouette of the seat, while giving it more vigor, as in an exercise of aesthetic balance, to reach a new harmonious point and without exaggerating or falling short in its evolution.

The final result is a modern and light chair, informal and elegant at the same time, and with its combinations of finishes, such as different fabrics, lacquered and painted tones and chromed, invites a set of compositions to create a model every time unique and adapted to infinity of decorative environments. The extension to stools was logically and it was interesting to work other heights with the characteristic lightness of the metal tube legs. The HI family is available in different versions: dining chair, bar stool and high stool. You can access each of them here:

HI Chair

HI Counter Stool

HI High Stool


MINA lounge chair (Black lacq - Black aged leather - Dark grey leg)

From the lounge chair, through the stools and finishing with the high table, the MINA family is a set of design objects designed to harmonize in spaces of contemporary design.

The MINA family was born with a clear premise: to design a set of design objects that harmonize in the most contemporary interior design spaces. The MINA lounge chair has been designed from the idea of creating an elegant, original lounge chair with a character of clear modernity, playing with the aesthetic that creates the curved plywood, together with an upholstery that follows the silhouette with delicacy, and lightness legs to maintain an overall aesthetic balance of the seat and its support.

From the design of the lounge chair the stool was worked, both counter and high stool versions, maintaining its aesthetics with marked character. When raising the seat to the height of the bars, it was necessary to reduce the volume of the seat to lighten its aesthetics and give it an air of lightness and harmony as a whole. Finally, the high table MINA was born from the idea of working the set of high stool MINA and an auxiliary table that together would suggest a harmonized aesthetic and pleasant to the naked eye. The creation of spaces of this set of pieces is easy to execute and to generate a fine and elegant aesthetic to compose contemporary spaces and modern lounge atmospheres.

The MINA family finishes are in lacquered shades, matte varnished wood, painted legs and in chromed, and can be combined in various shades and fabrics to play with its elegant and contemporary aesthetics. A set of unique and authentic pieces with a timeless and minimalist aesthetic. It has all the information of the MINA family in their respective links:

MINA Lounge Chair
MINA Counter Stool
MINA High Stool
MINA High Table


MINA high stool (Black lacq - Black aged leather - Dark chrome leg) couple - Catalogue FARELL 2017

A sincere passion towards the edition of international design furniture.

After accumulating extensive experience in the manufacture of custom furniture for interior design projects throughout the Barcelona area, with an absolute level of quality and collaborating with the most demanding contemporary interior design professionals, we have started the journey towards the edition of designer furniture with own brand.

This way we understand it natural, since we come to carry out all kinds of exclusive pieces of furniture and after reaching the 50 years of existence of the family business in this activity, it was logical and natural to move towards a more direct concept towards the elaboration of pieces of furniture with highest aesthetic values, quality of each component and, above all, to apply the experience of crafts such as the cabinetmaker and the artisan metal worker, to take the production to the most demanding and innovative level possible: the exclusive edition of design furniture.

Now this path is underway, step by step, meeting design artists and young promises, to jointly work on the construction of a collection of designer furniture that explores the aesthetic limits and intelligent production, to get to fill great pieces of value. design for home and collectivities, for private and public use, and for collective and relational use. Each design is intrinsic to its study of concrete uses and its appropriate components to bring our furniture pieces to a unique and exclusive level, and give the opportunity to be lived in exceptional moments by users.

The satisfaction of making furniture at this level is very rewarding, since to enjoy in the design, the accurate elaboration of materials, finishes, combinations and constant innovation, and that later these pieces are highly valued by their users brings us to a vital satisfaction to work every day with full sense of what we do, with a full sense of who we are.

Thank you for your attention in our work, in our shared passion.

The Farell team.