CHARLESTON tables are simple and delicate, and play with the most radical minimalism to achieve that elegance that only get the design with character.

We have to admit that our neighbors in Italy have a unique sense of design. Every time we work with Italian designers, as in the case of Alessandro Malerba, there is a natural connection that facilitates the work enormously. From the sketch to the prototype is a journey of innovative and pleasant sensations that will generate an essential security for our design edition.

The two models of CHARLESTON, circular and rectangular, are an elaborate exercise of the aesthetics of the object, carried to that point where the minimalism of its details and its global result in a final finished piece, at that level of elegance and optimal innovation to give for finished a design. There are elegant furniture and minimalist furniture, what it difficult is finding furniture that arrives with strength to these two values ​​and in a subtle and natural way. With CHARLESTON we believe that it has arrived there, and we are proud to be part of another good design that incorporates solid added values ​​and nothing easy replicable.

CHARLESTON plays with a curved tube base to build the lightly base of the table, in its two models, to complete the design with a fine and elegant top, available in monochrome, in the same tone as the legs, or in solid matt wood with open pore. Both finishes maintain the main message of CHARLESTON: pure elegance with minimalism. The pleasant and elegant texture of the lacquered finish, or the solid wood with its natural touch, invite to the caress with the perfect shape of the whole edge and the perfect adaptation to the arms.

We have the sincere feeling that we have edited an object of timeless and contemporary design at the same time, elegant and fresh, and minimalist with artisan details. CHARLESTON joins our collection in a space that was reserved especially for it. Welcome to Farell, CHARLESTON. Welcome to the collection of design objects with character.

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