The DUB stool is a small avant-garde object with a great design jewel soul. An original piece, authentic and worked in detail to enjoy its powerful aesthetics and subtle functionality.

The DUB stool is born within the STROBY and KALYDO family, created by Kickie Chudikova for Farell. DUB is a very special stool that is clearly distinguished by its fine silhouette and exquisite finishes. Made with a bent and conical metal base, which generates elegant and linear glitters, and with an oval seat, upholstered in Maharam leather, to culminate a design object thinked for the most passionate people of avant-garde author design.

Ideal to combine with the KALYDO table, the DUB stool creates a casual and elegant atmosphere at the same time, in a fun set of low stools with a strong aesthetic character, ideal for the most contemporary lounge spaces. The combination of the finishes of its base, in black metal or brass, together with the upholstery of its seat, in white or light pink leather, achieve a mixture with an exquisite and authentic taste.

The seat is upholstered in leather and made with triangular geometry pieces that seek to build an oval shape of marked beauty. This handmade elaboration with craftsmanship upholstery gives it a very special touch thanks to its original authentic spirit. The base, made with high technology applied to metal, helps to complete a real jewel of design, worthy of being part of the new icons of avant-garde design furniture.

You have more information about DUB at the following link:

DUB Stool