Good design does not come from nothing. It comes from being inspired by the masters of design history.

When we set out to design, with our internal team, a chair that was the evolution of some design icon, we were clear about it: the HI chair proposal fulfilled it. A chair with a fun and elegant silhouette at the same time, and that his presence invited to feel a sense of informality and friendly to the eye. Its seat, with a wavy cut and different from the straightness of the boring chairs that we found anywhere, was combined with tube legs that project sinuously from the seat, to complete an object full of personality.

We will not hide that it has similarities to a great known icon, but we believe that trying to improve and evolve an icon of design is a humble exercise to work the experience from a point where other designers arrived. HI exemplifies this exercise. We have tried to soften the silhouette of the seat, while giving it more vigor, as in an exercise of aesthetic balance, to reach a new harmonious point and without exaggerating or falling short in its evolution.

The final result is a modern and light chair, informal and elegant at the same time, and with its combinations of finishes, such as different fabrics, lacquered and painted tones and chromed, invites a set of compositions to create a model every time unique and adapted to infinity of decorative environments. The extension to stools was logically and it was interesting to work other heights with the characteristic lightness of the metal tube legs. The HI family is available in different versions: dining chair, bar stool and high stool. You can access each of them here:

HI Chair

HI Counter Stool

HI High Stool