Furniture design, innovation and more innovation.

Design without innovation is not design, and innovation without design is not innovation. For us, editing furniture design starts from the fundamental premise of applying constant innovation, from the designer’s initial proposal, through an analysis based on assessments such as radicalism, degree of innovation, new uses, authenticity, and others. Crucial elements to understand that we are really innovating, and a lot. The degree of innovation resulting from this analysis gives us the opportunity to take for granted the edition of a piece of designer furniture, where innovation must be at the highest level. We can not afford to edit furniture that does not have intrinsic innovation in all its details.

Innovation is part of our lives constantly, and thanks to it, society has advanced to where we are today. Contemporary design is innovative design. Hence, our responsibility is to capture specific design proposals and, from there, to initiate a very elaborate process of evolution of each proposal to bring it to its maximum expression of character and pure innovation. For our team it is essential to mark detailed premisses to innovate in design furniture. After passing this innovation filter, we can consider the edition of that design, since we understand that we are investing in innovation, and then investing with our experience. This is design for us. This is design edition.

Design furniture needs to make a difference by adding a high degree of value in its aesthetic and functional design and, therefore, it also requires reaching the limit of known uses and generating a strong authenticity, to innovate beyond the established, and finally and primordial, that the users of each piece of designer furniture understand this set of values easily and clearly, and that they fully harmonize with its use, with new and impressive sensations that give it extraordinary experiences. Getting to enjoy the use of exceptional furniture is our main objective and to achieve this innovation is and should always be our essential tool.

The handicap is difficult, and every day we struggle to achieve this result, working as a team with designers from all over the world, with expert local suppliers, with new innovative technologies, with conscious and sustainable production, with new innovative finishes and respecting the environment. In short, we constantly seek perfection through innovation, always seeking to achieve a single objective: to transmit pure innovation and character in exclusive contemporary design furniture to its users. Getting it once is not worth it, because getting it constantly makes us part of the innovation, that we are part of the design.