From the lounge chair, through the stools and finishing with the high table, the MINA family is a set of design objects designed to harmonize in spaces of contemporary design.

The MINA family was born with a clear premise: to design a set of design objects that harmonize in the most contemporary interior design spaces. The MINA lounge chair has been designed from the idea of creating an elegant, original lounge chair with a character of clear modernity, playing with the aesthetic that creates the curved plywood, together with an upholstery that follows the silhouette with delicacy, and lightness legs to maintain an overall aesthetic balance of the seat and its support.

From the design of the lounge chair the stool was worked, both counter and high stool versions, maintaining its aesthetics with marked character. When raising the seat to the height of the bars, it was necessary to reduce the volume of the seat to lighten its aesthetics and give it an air of lightness and harmony as a whole. Finally, the high table MINA was born from the idea of working the set of high stool MINA and an auxiliary table that together would suggest a harmonized aesthetic and pleasant to the naked eye. The creation of spaces of this set of pieces is easy to execute and to generate a fine and elegant aesthetic to compose contemporary spaces and modern lounge atmospheres.

The MINA family finishes are in lacquered shades, matte varnished wood, painted legs and in chromed, and can be combined in various shades and fabrics to play with its elegant and contemporary aesthetics. A set of unique and authentic pieces with a timeless and minimalist aesthetic. It has all the information of the MINA family in their respective links:

MINA Lounge Chair
MINA Counter Stool
MINA High Stool
MINA High Table