MYRA mirror and ESCAL side table form a set of design objects specially designed to coexist on the frontier of design and art.

The constant work with designer furniture and international designers gives us a very enriching aesthetic sense and that we try to transmit in each edition of furniture for our collection. But when the proposal that we receive we detect from the beginning an artistic level that excels, it generates us a beautiful handicap.

The MYRA mirror and the ESCAL side table, designed by Kickie Chudikova, is a clear example of this type of design, designed especially for the observation and glance of experts in the design culture and for restless minds who want to discover new design pieces, out of the ordinary and monotony of big markets. Kickie proposed these two excellent pieces and it has been a pleasure to prepare them for our collection.

MYRA and ESCAL have a transgressive aesthetic and a strong character that sound more like characteristics of art works than functional decoration objects. Its lines are refined, following with an exceptional naturalness its silhouette, and generate a harmonious visual rhythm that enriches our eyes with an unusual pleasure and full of authenticity. Its use generates a very personal interaction, as if it were a sculpture, where we interact with them in a totally different and original way, and make us feel that satisfaction that only those objects that brim with modern and elegant aesthetics and comply with fine delicacy its functionality.

The dream of any design editor and lover of design icons of all times, is to be able to receive proposals from designers who carry that soul that gives them that potential of icons. And with MYRA and ESCAL, we have that exciting feeling of having in our hands the manufacture of this type of pieces that have been born with a very special dowry. When an object is strongly aesthetic, with marked character, with subtle artisanal details and with its functionality resolved with that unique artistic touch, we do not doubt that it is a potential design icon.

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