The STROBY stool, along with DUB stool and KALYDO low table make up the perfect family to create those atmospheres that remain in the memory due to their originality and marked character.

Kickie Chudikova’s proposal for our collection marked a before and after in the ideology of the Farell collection. We were waiting for that piece of design that generates a new way to go on the furniture edition in our brand, and so it was with STROBY. An elegant design, avant-garde and with a personality full of strength that we can place in the most modern contemporary spaces and with a special character.

STROBY is made with an original metal base with geometric folds and which is the connector thread coinciding with the whole family that we will present soon. This base made with high technology, assembled by hand and finished with an elegant touch in black chrome, generate this piece those special reflections that do not go unnoticed. The upper part is a unique dome-shaped seat, upholstered with subtle joints made by hand in a triangular shape to avoid creases, and with selected Maharam skin to finish off with exquisiteness a piece of design prepared to stay avant-garde with the passing of the time. The base is polished brass to contrast its three parts individually and with elegance.

The subtlety generated by the STROBY stool in repetition, side by side in a short or long bar, gives it a unique aesthetic value and full of elegance and modernity that culminates in the best contemporary interior design lounge spaces. With the stool STROBY we believe that we have contributed to the world of contemporary design furniture to nourish a little more that special facy glance that generates the well-crafted design, that gives us visual satisfaction and of its use, and that are marked in our memory. It is a pleasure for us to be able to edit good design like this to share with you.

You have more information about STROBY at the following link:

STROBY Counter Stool