When you join the concept of architecture and minimalism to the scale of furniture.

The TAU table is minimalism in essence, based on an architectural vision of design. Inspired by the metallic structures of steel beams of contemporary minimalist architecture, TAU is the logical arrival of this concept on the scale of furniture. Thin, linear and thin legs, and equal crossbars but in different sizes, which extend to limits of distance only possible in metal, giving it a minimalist and unique aesthetic value. The distances in thin measurements take more thinness to the point that you see more what is not the object than the object itself. This concept of space and object game is what we have worked to obtain a piece of clean and purely minimalist design.

The final touch of its top in textured paint finish and with a pleasant chamfer for the use of the table, makes us think we have reached an unexplored point, where the material simplicity meets the aesthetic purity of the most authentic minimalism. TAU provides its broadest sense when the table is longer and proportional space occupies less visually. Designed as a dining table or as a work table or office, TAU is there, wherever it is, silent and light, structural and minimalist in its purest form. You will find more details in this link:

TAU Table