As in the best design icons, the inspiration of the BIRD lounge chair comes from nature, from the simple silhouette of a bird, to become a new icon in design objects.

The BIRD lounge chair is a special piece and that is how we got it from the beginning when Oriol Llahona presented it to us for our collection of designer furniture. Elegance, authenticity and originality in a lounge chair designed to convey with great force an unquestionable personality and that incorporates a piece of these characteristics.

The lounge chairs are the essence of the elegance of all types of seats, since its use is very special and personal, and BIRD fulfilled all these premises to be edited in our brand. Its silhouette inspired by a bird, formed with a spectacular figure back, refined and completely upholstered, and a light foot of central base that gives the final minimalist touch to a design close to art.

BIRD is a design that in its aesthetic whole confers a central and nuclear presence wherever it is and in very different environments, both in private residential spaces and in lounge areas of hotels and corporate offices. Its aesthetic originality, with forms of nature, does not deprive it of an absolute elegance and serenity, and that can be highlighted even more with its combinations of upholstery and painted foot tones.

The level of craftsmanship that comes with the upholstery of a piece as special as BIRD makes it very clear the transmission of values of manual crafts with which we love to work on our collection pieces. A structure in curved plywood and worked with a high level of technique in upholstery to generate a feeling of full coverage that covers the entire seat throughout its front and back structure.

BIRD can be alone marking its strong individual presence, and also in pairs or groups, where we can play among them and propose a dialogue of objects, as if it were a group of birds. BIRD is available in different shades of Kvadrat fabric and natural leather, combined with monochrome tones for the foot, to clearly convey a contemporary and modern aesthetic.

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BIRD Lounge Chair