A sincere passion towards the edition of international design furniture.

After accumulating extensive experience in the manufacture of custom furniture for interior design projects throughout the Barcelona area, with an absolute level of quality and collaborating with the most demanding contemporary interior design professionals, we have started the journey towards the edition of designer furniture with own brand.

This way we understand it natural, since we come to carry out all kinds of exclusive pieces of furniture and after reaching the 50 years of existence of the family business in this activity, it was logical and natural to move towards a more direct concept towards the elaboration of pieces of furniture with highest aesthetic values, quality of each component and, above all, to apply the experience of crafts such as the cabinetmaker and the artisan metal worker, to take the production to the most demanding and innovative level possible: the exclusive edition of design furniture.

Now this path is underway, step by step, meeting design artists and young promises, to jointly work on the construction of a collection of designer furniture that explores the aesthetic limits and intelligent production, to get to fill great pieces of value. design for home and collectivities, for private and public use, and for collective and relational use. Each design is intrinsic to its study of concrete uses and its appropriate components to bring our furniture pieces to a unique and exclusive level, and give the opportunity to be lived in exceptional moments by users.

The satisfaction of making furniture at this level is very rewarding, since to enjoy in the design, the accurate elaboration of materials, finishes, combinations and constant innovation, and that later these pieces are highly valued by their users brings us to a vital satisfaction to work every day with full sense of what we do, with a full sense of who we are.

Thank you for your attention in our work, in our shared passion.

The Farell team.