A design inspired by the shell of a turtle that invites a different use of the stool.

Designing a stool that can be ideal both for interiors and exteriors entails looking for a different concept in the use of sitting on it and limiting materials. This principle is what we started the collaboration with the designer Pablo Torrent to create a different and innovative stool.

From the tubular material that can nowadays be treated with the same finishes both for interior and exterior, we started the journey to look for a dynamic aesthetic that will lead us to an ideal piece of design for both environments. The set of curved tubular metal, which follows the rounded silhouette like the shell of a turtle, creates the characteristic structure of the stool and bench TURTLE, and which is topped with the innovative flat and thin metal that creates the seat and maintains that aesthetic metal with a special and minimalist organic air.

Pablo’s proposal fitted us from the beginning. TURTLE is light and adaptable to a host of contemporary environments, and its monochromatic tones generate an ideal tool to finish harmonizing in any dynamic and carefree interior design project. We love to play with pastel colors and when we tried the freshest tones today it was clear to us that it is an object that can be both fun, transgressive and elegant, depending on what finish you decide to complete it.

TURTLE helps us to start a new line of objects that play between indoor and outdoor spaces, with that dynamism of outdoor furniture that suggests entering the interior, and that with this concept we can open infinite possibilities of uses and environments, with all the versatility of contemporary design furniture.

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