From London’s effervescent design a chair with pure and transgressive symbolism is born.

The “Y” chair is the daughter of the city of London and is characteristic of its dynamism and an explosive formula: that of a young Italian designer based in the British capital. Dario Costa proposed us a radically contemporary and transgressive design focused on a design object with authentic character. The “Y” chair transcends the common aesthetic of the chairs to play with its tubular structure on another level, forming its seal with the letter Y on its side and generating a minimalist and elegant overall aesthetic.

The seat and back in plywood curved and stained in radically modern shades such as blue klein, is made with sinuous shapes that adapt perfectly to human ergonomics, while maintaining a soft and elegant aesthetic when it joins the chair’s own structure.

Looking to design a chair that is different, innovative and aesthetically adaptable to different contemporary environments is not an easy task, with this type of product as collapsed as that of chairs. “Y” is different, it is transgressive and its innovation falls on its whole, where its forms generate a vision like that of a contemporary design classic. And it is at this point that our editing starts, when we detect those features of iconic potential in a serene, mature and carefree design at the same time.

The “Y” chair is stackable and can be composed in different color combinations, from a monochromatic finish to play with the fine tones of natural wood. We highlight the monochrome black finish, which clearly highlights the vitality of a young design, influenced in the capital of modernity along with a touch of experience of elegance and minimalism that give it a space between the best chairs with its own personality, ideal for the most contemporary interior design spaces.

You can see more details in this link:

Y Chair